Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gone mad

Well that is it - it usually takes twenty years too kill a revolution, and that is about what it has had. Fr twenty years we have carried personal freedoms home, we have forced toleration of certain minorities, an faced down the vocal opposition in all its forms. And and now?
Well the struggle was always bitter. The first struggle saw a strange dual reaction by the right. On the one hand the forces for an change were put together a killjoys and the 'politically correct'. The were the ones stopping drinking and smoking, limiting fun. this move was no doubt effectively countered when politically correct comedians seized the stage (in Britain at least). Politically correct as a label moved then from the mockery of comics to the mockery of newspapers. I became a catch all phrase, whose acolytes were invariably thought of as Gone - mad. Truths, distorations, and frank lies could then be cobbled together and condemned.
At the same time of the margins of the politically correct movement, were those who turned freedom into pornography, and told us we all have a right to gaup now- as long as it is arty (it always said it was). Porn simplywent everywhere- and when the group most exhibitted - younger men started to hit their partners we merely thought the kids were going brutal, and not that we were a bunch of shits.....
So political correctness was initially contained and its force for actual change subverted. but now it is dead. political die when they become so wide spread that everyone can claim their rights under the movement banner. The right, the rich, the priveledge the sexist, the oppressors, these are the new minorities. These are the new people standing up for their right, demanding their right to be cunts and to force us to accept this fact. The language of toleration, was then be warped by those who would oppress and then claim that any attack on that oppression was somehow an attack on their rights to be at all. The language for critique has then been wonderfully recouped, taken back, ad has become the very language for the priveledge to proclaim their rights and their power. They have then settled themselves down into the existing set of tolerations (which they no doubt think have got 'it about right', and ensured any expansion is impossible or can only be made by further entrenching their priveledge position.
In the process the rulers have ensured something else. The twin process of toleration was clearly expansion, we noticed difference to revel in it and encourage it (based on the idea that difference might trump meritocracy- it is more important to have different voices of varying hues and genius, than many genius all saying exactly the same. but is political correctness condemns all noticing of differences (which was always one of its voices) then this move simply and very effectively collapses this fostering of difference. in the name of toleration, the group that the system left to itself manufactures and an elite and the 'meritocracy' tasks over. Yes there will be a few different voices, but they will be a few. The majority will be of a certain class, ad educational backdrop- simply because they long ago designed and then ceased control over the engines of merit. Then are who the meritocracy think of was with merit and that is it. They are exchange - ad not only has the eighties toleration revolution floundered, but it has bought down also the post war project to include other vices in government.
A fact, that like deficit reduction is surely the Tory wet dream - and for the rest of us resistance merely just got a lot harder.

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